1. Boat, hose


  2. Anonymous said: I sail/ live on the westside of Michigan too :)

    Well, it’s nice to have almost met you. :)

  3. Scenes from being safety pilot:  just north of the GUTPE intersection on the ILS 24 at KMKG

  4. Lunchtime safety pilot, outbound vectors for the ILS32 at KMKG

  5. Last race of the season.  Finished in the dark.

  6. Mystery monster STOL parked at the hangar tonight.  I expect it can take off and land using only our ramp.

  7. Light air line

  8. T10, 2014 Chi-Mac


  9. That point sometime after midnight when you can’t turn your brain off, but you know that things should make more sense in the morning after you sleep?  I hit that about 10am Monday and haven’t been able to shake it.

  10. Frank Lloyd Wright gravesite, Spring Green, WI